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MIDI Macros


MIDI Macros enables you to create a collection of buttons (macros), which send out custom MIDI data when tapped.

You can make macros to do whatever using MIDI:
- toggle between synthesizer's presets
- control your FX units' parameters
- control your DAW and it's plugins
- control your digital mixer
- do all of the above simultaneously

Look up the MIDI messages required for your setup in the device's manuals. Contact me directly if you need any help via

Every macro can send multiple MIDI messages, to any of the connected MIDI devices. So, for example, one macro can toggle 3 different actions, on 3 different devices.

MIDI Devices can be connected to your iOS device via USB*, Bluetooth, or WiFi.
*requires the Apple Camera Connection Kit or other compatible adapters

Macro sets can be stored in presets. Presets can either be stored locally on the iOS device, or in iCloud, allowing you to synchronise presets between your devices. You can send presets to other devices using AirDrop. This way you can send presets from your iPad to your iPhone for example, or to a friend with a similar setup.

System Requirements

MIDI Macros is available for iOS 9 and later.

Contact & Support

Please contact me directly at or via Telegram.