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Q GO allows you to control your QLab Workspaces from your iPhone or iPad. It incorporates the most frequently used show controls, including “GO”, “Panic”, and playback controls, in a simple grid.

Q GO talks to QLab by way of MIDI messages, either over WiFi, or via USB MIDI devices using the Apple Camera Connection Kit. The app includes instructions on how to set up Q GO to work with QLab 3.

QLab 2 users: Q GO uses “MIDI Voice Message Control” functionalities which require a Pro MIDI license. QLab 3 supports this functionality in the free version - no license required. For more information on QLab licenses, please visit Figure 53:

(QLAB, QCART, TIXATO, GO BUTTON, ULTRASONIC and FIGURE 53 are registered trademarks of Figure 53, LLC. Seller of this application is not affiliated with Figure 53, LLC.)

System Requirements

Q GO is available for iOS 7 and later.

Contact & Support

Please contact me directly at or via Telegram.